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July 20th 2024 Saturday 7/20

Visit us in
Booth #3
Maple Grove Psychic & Holistic Expo
Maple Grove Community Center
12951 Weaver Lake Road
Maple Grove, MN

$5 admission
We hope to see You there!
Annette will be participating as an exhibitor at this one day event in Maple Grove, MN! The summer’s best metaphysical, holistic and psychic expo featuring 40+ exhibitors, including Aura Photos, Essential Oils, Psychics, Tarot Readers, Palmists, Crystals, Alternative Health Modalities, and More! Copies of Annette's book, Angel Relationships, will be available at our booth, Aura Photos by Annette! While you're there, be sure to find out what your Aura looks like and what your specific colors say about You!
Visit Website for location information.
Annette Bruchu

About the Author

Annette Bruchu is an experienced, nationally known visionary and intuitive healer who shares her many gifts bridging the spiritual and physical worlds to assist those who seek to improve their lives. Annette blends her expertise as a medium, psychic, healing practitioner, colorstrologist, teacher, mentor and author to help people heal and grow. She empowers others to develop their own psychic and healing gifts through classes offered at her Helping YOU Heal Center in Stillwater, MN.

About the Book

Angels want to prove their existence and are reaching out to connect with us now more than ever! Likewise, here on earth, people are learning more about the angelic realm and the roles and purposes of angels in our lives. This growing phenomenon is what prompted Annette to write Angel Relationships, A Match Made in Heaven. This book is a unique resource that will assist readers at all levels in the search to communicate with and understand angels and to help people recognize and trust the divine angel guidance and signs they receive.

What many people view as 'common sense' or 'coincidence' is often their angels communicating with them. Using exercises, meditations and visualizations provided in this book, people of all ages will learn how to easily connect with the angels and receive divine guidance for navigating through their earthly challenges.

Specifically, readers will learn:

  • Who the angels are and how they themselves can personally share a bond with their Guardian Angel and other heavenly beings to receive divine guidance
  • How to discover angel signs in their daily life and how to ask for the angels’ help and wisdom
  • How previous life lessons, time, emotions and nature interact to provide a gateway to the angelic realm
  • How to recognize messages and sublte nudges from angels and how to trust the guidance given to help keep them on their right path in life

Readers may also gain a better understanding of their own talents and gifts, learn to be more true to themselves, experience tremendous personal and spiritual growth and be enlightened with a new perspective on life!

Annette Bruchu

Insights & Excerpts

Intuition is nature’s navigational device that provides our subconscious with advice that guides us on our voyage through life. There’s always room to improve your instinct and intuition. Are you on a tour or are you going to make it a journey?
~ Annette Bruchu

Note From the Author

Because angels are divinely devoted to us, miracles are possible every single day. I wrote this book so that others may pause and take notice of this celestial daily intervention. These pages offer assistance to awaken the spiritual window in your mind’s eye, so that you may hear, see, feel, and know that angels are present in our lives. Believe in them, trust them, love them, and be grateful, for they are there for you.

When I was working on this book, sometimes, I would get my words directly from the angels themselves. During the editing process, every now and then I recognized these angelic voices rising up, loud and clear. In an effort to preserve the divine message from the angels themselves, these messages were preserved intact, and are sprinkled throughout the book. The following is just such a message, a promise from the angels, to you:

Angel Logo

An Angel Message:
I promise I will stay connected to you, with hope you will understand my guidance and direction. Just hold my hand and believe in me. All will be all right.

The Basics – What, and Who, Are the Angels?

Angels are superior beings; they are the messengers between God (the divine) and us (the mortals.) They serve both us and God, offering themselves as a bridge between.

Angels assist us with their guidance for the purpose of helping behind the scenes. When we put forth good intentions, we enable the angels to act divinely on our behalf. Sometimes, the outcomes are delightfully unexpected or perhaps at first glance, not quite what we think is best, but in hindsight we can see the picture more clearly and with certainty that the angels were involved.

Angels have distinct personalities. They love to connect with you in your dreams, sing when you are singing, and laugh out loud with your joy. Angels love to feel good, and their connection with you is at its strongest when we show our true personality and express our real self and feelings.

Meditation - When and Why?

Meditation is the quieting of our earthly thoughts and the focus of intention, asking our angels to see, hear, or feel all of them. We can access the Angelic Realm, simply by being still. Using our extrasensory tools, we can close our eyes to see the heavenly realm. We can quiet our thoughts and the noise of our earthly surroundings to better hear them. We can feel a gentle breeze on our skin and know in our hearts, our angels are there.

Regular meditation helps us strengthen our connection with our angels. Taking time out of our busy schedules on a regular basis makes communicating with our angels a habit. It gives us a formal, structured time to talk to them and check in with them.

Working with our angels daily not only provides us with strength, it releases us from carrying burdens that they are happy to share. It gives us a time and place to release our burdens. Meditation puts us in a receptive state, making it easier to listen to, and hear, our Guardian Angels. Thus, our connection to our angels becomes stronger and more clear.

Sharing Our Burdens

By the nature of our earthly existence, we all have struggles and burdens. However, when we tune into the spiritual energy of our Guardian Angels, they can help us carry these burdens.

Remember that our Guardian Angels know us better than we know ourselves. When we let go of our judgment of the outcome, we reiterate our trust and faith in them. Our trust and faith in our Guardian Angels is the strongest link we have to them. When we release our burdens to our angels, and trust them to handle it, we also release some of the stress tied to the situation.

Angel Logo

An Angel Message:
You are protected and you are safe. When you are traveling on this journey, and the road becomes too rough, I will have a way of appearing as if out of thin air for you. When you make a wrong turn, I am there to help you get back on the right track.

Angel Healing

Angels operate in miraculous ways, in the purest form of love and a light frequency we can feel. It is so great and strong, there aren’t even words to describe its beauty and power. The angels exist in light, and hold unconditional love with every ounce of their being. When we tune into the light and love that they bring, amazing miracles happen. The life force energy generated by our angels is capable of removing energetic blocks in the mental, spiritual, and physical body. The restored balance helps everything run smoothly again.

Utilizing angels in healing can come through many different channels. By stepping out of the way of the outcome, we can ask the angels to assist with the healing process. When intention aligns with the desire to change, and we believe in the possibility of a miracle with the fullest of faith, healing can and will happen. When we are faced with poor health, illness, or injury, instead of cursing our situation, if we align ourselves and believe we can heal and be healed, we open ourselves to the possibility of a miracle.

Signs From Our Angels

Signs from our angels may be closer than we think. Simply asking our angels for signs can set the conversation into motion. The signs from above are easy for us to see—if we pay attention. We need to notice these signs, because often, they are subtle. But when we ask for a specific sign, and then look for it, we will find validation when we need it.

Signs can utilize any and all of our senses, both physical and extrasensory. They are symbols in our physical world that help us connect to the spirit and angel realm. Signs stop us in a moment, and in that moment, we realize a message of significance. It can be a smell that triggers a memory; a random song that pops onto a radio station; a passing billboard with a picture of an angel, butterfly, ladybug, or bird. They are sent to us by the millions, but it is the ones we notice, and the moment that we notice them, that is critical.

Angel Logo

An Angel Message:
I can’t always explain to you in words the connections we have and feel. It can be the way you view the morning sky, or the way your attention is drawn to a specific billboard after I’ve nudged you to take a different route. It can also be the words you’ve heard repeatedly throughout your day. It can be that feeling in your heart that makes you feel like everything will be okay. And it will be, because I am connected to you, forever and always.

What People Are Saying About The Book...

Angel Relationships is a wonderful book for anyone who is seeking practical and down to earth advice about Metaphysical and Spiritual topics. The author gives accurate information in simple terms (not an easy task with this subject matter) with helpful step by step instructions on how to utilize these gifts. I highly recommend this book for anyone setting out on this wonderful journey of discovery.  ~ Kathryn Harwig
I received your book as a gift from a dear friend of mine and I can't tell you how grateful I am! I've already read it twice cover to cover, and also find myself using it instead of my angel cards at times - I just open it up to a random page, open my eyes and read the first thing I see. I've been blown away every time with how right on each message has been! Thank you so much!  ~ Roxanne
This is a beautifully written book for those looking to create angel relationships or to expand their connection already in place. The book includes effective exercises and explanations using practical scenarios to allow the reader better understanding and creativity. Interspersed are profound and very meaningful angel messages that afford a special gentleness and soft encouragement to allow their work into our lives.
For everyone looking to open their spiritual consciousness and expand their universal connection, I would highly recommend this book.
Angel Relationships allows us to visualize the extraordinary roles angels can play in our lives. If we just ask and invite.  ~ Jennifer Florence
Oh my gosh! Your book is so amazing! It's packed with so much information! Each time I pick it up and start reading your book I feel like I am having a private session with you.  ~ Jan

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